Creating a Bog Garden is a little bit more engaged than sticking some plants

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Specific plants are more tolerant of arid and dry spell conditions that make them

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These days we prefer our homes to be light, perhaps white, with strong, clean

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One way to rapidly and quickly improve the appeal of your flower bed is by including

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Creating A Bog Garden for An Accent in Your Garden


Creating a Bog Garden is a little bit more engaged than sticking some plants that love wetness into a soaked part of your backyard. It takes some planning, some preparation, and some hard work. Firstly you need to choose where an excellent area is to put your bog garden. A location in your backyard that's soaked or gathers water would be perfect. You'll have to dig a trench with a flat bottom and sloping sides. Put all the soil you dig out on a tarp for use later on. The deeper the trench, the less watering you'll have to do. About 18 to 30 inches deep would be a great size.

Next you line the hole with a difficult shell liner or perhaps a small plastic pool. The bottom of your bog should be watertight. You search to provide drainage for the top and sides. Poke little holes through the liner at periods of about 12 inches apart. Your bog will need to remain moist uniformly so you need to incorporate a watering technique. There are three methods you can do this.

1. Install a PVC pipe that has actually been perforated in each corner of the trench. Ensure you leave a few inches above the surface. Put your water source into the above ground end but ensure completion in the trench is plugged shut. When you switch on your water source, the water will leak through the perforated PVC pipe. Discover more about sheds at .

Make sure the end in the trench is plugged. Include your water source.

3. You likewise can run perforated PVC piping along the bottom of the trench. You then connect it with an elbow to among the 2 techniques mentioned above. You will need to cover the horizontal pipe with gravel so the drainage holes do not become stopped up.

Put half the dirt you removed combined with half compost and add to your bog garden if you wish to plant non specialized bulbs, perennials and shrubs. If you want to grow bog adjusted plants, fill your bog with a mix of sand and peat moss. Whatever plants you decide to grow is the type of soil you will need to add to your bog.

Some plant options to consider are:

Amazon lily, arrowhead, blue pickerel weed, cattail, duckweed, fairy moss, lotus, marsh marigold, parrot's flower and pitcher plant.